By Willy Nkya  
    Among of the most adorable beings are babies ,once you look at them you just get that Awww feeling ,but what makes them more cute is when you see them rocking great fashion and style ,over the years we have been seeing celebrity kids setting up fashion trends and catching our attentions ,but recently every mother who is blessed with a mini her just can’t wait to dress her baby in a more modern fashionable way.
 Gisselle Jilles is a 1 year old adorable baby ,whose mother is just planting that fashion seed so good .in a sit down with her Mother ,we talked upon kids fashion and style .Fortunater (Gisselle's Mother ) loves fashion so much that she just wanted her little angel to love it too and follow her fashion footsteps, Fortunater before dressing Gisselle she considers the following Occasion, Whether, Pattern mixing ,accessories and  taking a cue from her own closet “if I can't wear the way I wanna dress her up then Its not a perfect outfit for my kid”
  Fortunater avoids to dress Gisselle in “boring clothes” meaning oversized outfits and very common outfits 
MP;Recently we see parents opening social media accounts for their babies ,what is your take on this?
  Fortunater (Gisselle's Mother );well I am personally positive on babies account opening on IG but my biggest worry is on how some parents operate them, the fact that The Baby seems to be the one writing or commenting on her/his parent accont confuses me sometimes,
Mama: I love u son
Kid: mom I love u & I swear I would not be born without u,Now that's a lie..its the same person who comments ,so I sometimes lose interest on such accounts Maybe I am old fashioned but hey the accounts  should be operated smoothly without confusion

  On the other hand, its best to brand the kids since their childhood ,so for those parents operating the accounts well I congratulate you”
M.P. Where do you get your kids outfits? 
 Fortunater (Gisselle's Mother )“Different shops, From new  Selling shops ,From Second hand shops & sometimes markets & Online shops”

MP .is it easy to dress your baby girl because you are the same gender or its just a matter of style?? 
 Fortunater (Gisselle's Mother )“Sometimes it's not easier to dress the child because I am a mother who likes my baby to have a Waoh look on eyes of people, So it's not a matter of Styling only its a matter of styling, designing &fashion taste from me”

MP:What came into your mind when you dressed your kid in a mermaid costume ?
 MOTHER : “I wanted my kid to have uncommon style for her photo shoot & for a quick idea I had, was a mermaid dress & since my daughter loves water too much the idea was perfect for her as we had the photo shoot around beach area
  Gisselle favorite color is pink and loves Barbie ,this definitely tells us that we have a fashionista in the making ,apart from just fashion Gisselle can dance ,sing and has the eye for quickly identifying animals .Gisselle is the perfect definitions of a 21st century Baby .
Recently Gisselle is in an instagram baby contest called TABASAM MWANANGU  meaning “smile my child” .fell free to vote for her and share with your friends ,its easy just follow the page  on instagram @tabasamumwanangu and search for Gisselle’s photo and just like the picture .Then from there Bingo !You have voted .
Fortunater (Gisselle's Mother ) just showed us on how we can create a good fashion sense to our little ones before they end up on the worst dressed list when they grow up.



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