Towards the Royal Wedding May 19,2018

As we count down the remaining 3 Days until the Royal Wedding of Prince Harry and Ms Meghan Markle, let's take a look back to Prince William's wedding to Katherine Middleton.
 We await to talk about the Bride's dress,who designed it and for how much..... Unfortunately the Father of the Bride MAY NOT walk her down the isle, and we wonder who will take his place?
 Who will be the Maid of honor? What will she wear?
 We will dissect everything and everybody...until we are satisfied :))
 Starting with the invited guests....Their fashion and styles, the iconic hats, accessories and much more
 Wjat will  Her Majesty The Queen,wear? And Camilla? Will she be there too?

 I assure you,May 19th will be fun!

I plan to watch the whole ceremony until the famous awaited balcony appearance...or maybe longer than that :) The Ceremony will start at 14:00/ 2p.m Tanzanian time,on Saturday :)

Will you be watching too? Besides the obvious (Bride's dress), What are you really anxious to see?

Missie Popular


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