The Broadcasters and Distributors Forum 27th - 29th November 2019

 Starting on the 27th to 29th November 2019, Content creators, broadcasters and distributors from different parts of the world will meet for an annual forum discussion on "Content for Business". This forum brings together creatives and business personnel from various media related fields and I believe it is one of the underutilized avenues for creating real change in the sector. Last year the forum discussed a variety of topics including how to bridge the gap between traditional and new media.
 Speakers and panelists for this year range from media business gurus to content creators and systems managers.

 The event is happening at Nkrumah Hall at the University of Dar es Salaam. It is also LIVE on Clouds Plus channel.

If you are a Blogger, YouTuber, Musician,Actor, PR specialist and any other field that deals with content creation for business, I will urge you to follow this discussion. Personally, I wish there was a LIVESTREAM that I can access online too :(

All in all, this is a great start in the development of the media field,including the new emerging medias.

Missie Popular


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