Happy New Year 2020!

Yes we made it!! It is another year,another 365 pages to write,re-write and redefine our lives. It is another opportunity given by the most High,a Blessing to be blessings to someone else. What are you going to do this year? What are the big plans,if any? Who are you going to impact? Do you need my help?

2020 is a year I am planning to open my doors even wider, to collaborate and partner with as many people and initiatives as possible. There is only one catch...your project/service/product must be benefiting someone(s) in the community...That's all :)

So,what do you say? Contact me today and  Let's do this!

Dress By: Kiki Fashions
Makeup: Atsoko
Photography: Slide Visuals

Instagram @MissiePopular

Missie Popular


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