Events for the International Women's Day 2020 #IWD

The International Women's Day is approaching and there are several events lined up, for the Dar es Salaam dwellers.
 If you have already been or have seen pictures of the new Elani Cafe in Dar,then you can already imagine the cuteness of the venue and the style that comes with it :) The event is called "Women's Day in Style,organised by a great team that I happen to know :)
And then there is a Shopping event at Epidor! Imagine celebrating women's day with an amazing shopping experience,oooh yes!! This collective market is a place to be
Women in Balance kitchen party gala is not new to many of us. For years, this has been a platform for women to exchange different ideas and knowledge on matters of family, finance and relationships. Don't plan to miss it
Fashoooooon! The Tanzanite Women's Forum & Lunch is a place to experience many things. From amazing panel discussions on various topics,to networking events and a great list of fashion showcases by various fashion designers. Ooooh don't forget the participants' fashion parade :)
Lastly is the Launch Pad event. This is an Invites Only event,whereby the Tanzanian Sheroes get to meet and celebrate the IWD. I will be attending this event since I am one of the Tanzanian Sheroes for 2020...yaaaay!

So,where will I bump into you? Let me know in the comments below

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