Rich Aunty on Nudes with a shade of Burgundy

Ignore the seriousness of the face please,I was on that Njaanuary mood still :)..Let's talk about the nude look.

It's been some time since I wrote about fashion,the topic that for the past 10 years,brought many of you to this blog. Well,let's rectify that with some Rich Aunty vibes. So, I have observed the past few months have been adorned with various shades of nude. Be it on street styles of Milan,Paris and New York fashion Week or the Instagram threads of various fashion lovers...Nudes are been embraced by people of all colors, cultural backgrounds and geographical's a universal trend..Now,who am I not to ride on this wave? Here is how i came about this look
 I was getting ready for a Valentine's inspired photoshoot, of which its pictures are on this post Here ...then I remembered seeing this beautiful nude two piece at the MMBrands Instagram page. But it was still mid January,the month of empty pockets,and i had no money or plans of buying new clothes. So I picked up my phone and called Ms Mbuko, the owner of MMBrands. Within 2 minutes she approved of my using the clothes for the photoshoot,for, she added the nude bag (seen on the picture above) and another Chanel red bag used on the valentine's photoshoot. Since I already had this burgundy blazer from SIA Couture, nude pumps from NEXT and the black fascinator from Kariakoo :)... Rich Aunty was ready!
So...I linked up with my current favourite photographer Baraka from Slide Visuals, and he secured Hamu Restaurant as the location for the shoot. My girl Neema from Atsoko did her facebeat and here we are...All glammed-up, poised and thinking of how to actually secure that Rich Aunty bag and make money moves :))


Nude 2 piece by MMBrands
Burgundy blazer by SIA Couture
Nude pumps from NEXT
Black fascinator from Kariakoo

Make-up by Neema of Atsoko,Mikocheni
Phorography by Baraka of Slide Visuals
Location: Hamu Restaurant,Masaki

Instagram @MissiePopular

Missie Popular


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