Celebrating #IWD2020 with 100 Tanzanian Sheroes

 The International Women's Day is upon us, and this year the theme is "I am Generation Equality". It is all about Equality and what it means to you. Let me start by stating my understanding of Equality. To me, Equality is the FREEDOM to choose;It is the presence of EQUAL opportunities, seats and voices for both boys and girls.  

This week I was privileged to attend the first #IWD2020  event in Dar es Salaam, which was initiated by The Launch Pad and supported by the Swedish Embassy in Tanzania. The event brought together the #100TanzanianSheroes and female students from Kisarawe Secondary school and some from various Universities. I was glad to see the representation of women with disabilities as well. 

 "The event aimed at providing a platform for us to meet,network and share the various leadership journeys, including the challenges we face everyday', said Ms Carol Ndosi of The Launch Pad
 It also involved an official launch of the #100TanzanianSheroes book,the 2019 Edition.
 This book highlights profiles of 100 phenomenal Tanzanian women who are breaking the glass ceiling in all sectors. The representation includes women from the private sector, CSO, Academia and the government institutions.
 We kicked off the event with an amazing session on "what is your PURPOSE"...thereafter a panel discussion on leadership, digital media and reproductive health.
 The first hand experiences were also shared,the most memorable and the highlight of the event being the comments by Ms Sabra Machano, the very first female to lead a financial institution in Zanzibar. She serves as the Director General for the Zanzibar Social Security Fund (ZSSF)
 Our networking moment involved book a signing process,whereby all the 100Tanzanian Sheroes got a chance to mingle with the students, discuss their profiles and sign the books. I am humbled to be among the sheroes and you can read my profile at page no. 49
  Here are some of the amazing Sheroes that are now available for mentoring and coaching of the Tanzanian girl who needs a role model to look up to. We represent women from all parts of the country, different educational backgrounds,and a variety of age ranges. See more Sheroes below

Kudos to Ms Carol Ndosi and the Launch Pad team for this initiative. It is my hope that this is just the beginning...that more events,programs and projects are in the pipeline this year. The Tanzanian girl of 2020 should get ready to be impacted,positively

Pictures by Baraka;  IG @Bless_dollar

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