From #HerLegacy Event on International Women's Day 2020

These two ladies right here! What can I say jamani...Neema (Penuel Investment) and Vanessa (Flawsome Events),your #IWD2020 event was worth every second we spent at Elan Tanzania Cafe. The event was themed #HerLegacy and it aimed at equipping ladies with tips on how to live,achieve and leave a Legacy
 Hosted by the young and talented Ms Najma,the event was educative,fun and quite a great place for meaningful conversations. Speakers were all ladies,covering topics like Life Planning,Branding,Entrepreneurship and Financial Budgeting

 On top of it all,Ms Maza Sinare of Maznat Beauty House,took us through an affirmation session. This was one of the most emotional yet fulfilling exercise that brought most of us back to our positive zone.
 We networked,Learnt new things and had amazing food by Elan Tanzania Cafe...ooh that cupcake was yummy!!... Plus our goody bag contained sweets and biscuits from a Tanzanian brand,Mummy's...and a surprise from Atsoko...

Since it was a Stylish event,below are some of the beauties who graced the event...

 Did I mentione that we took notes! Yaaas,it was that impactful!

I will share the video with various tips that was shared by the Speakers...Get on YouTube and SUBSCRIBE to the channel for continues positive videos.

Kudos to all ladies who pulled off events on the International Women's Day this year. Thank you all for the celebrations and let's continue to support each other

All pictures by @VisualGig

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