Reminiscing on them Blogging Days :)

This post might get a bit emotional,so let this serve as a disclaimer :)
This week, I took time to go back and read my blog posts from 2011 when I started this blog. Oooh dear!

First of all, I sincerely APOLOGIZE to all that I ever offended through my criticism and sometimes misplaced sarcasm. Nothing was meant to hurt or offend you. I created the blog mainly to let everyone learn new things in Fashion and Style,as well as have FUN.

With that said, let me take you back to some of the posts that got me all emotional.
 Who remembers this lady? hahahaha oooh Florah! Her a.k.a is Mbuta Nanga and I took this picture in 2011 when I met her in London. She is among the very first readers of this blog,which then inspired her to start her own blog as well. When I met Florah, she really pushed me to keep writing and most importantly, to do Fashion Police in order to assist the Tanzanian celebrities to learn how to style themselves up. Among the craziest comments I used to receive were from her,such a free spirit :)

After the blog started to gain a bit of a readership, I met Cpwaa. It was the week after he won the Kili Music Awards, so you can imagine my shock when he told me he knew my blog! I was sooo excited!
 He signed and handed me his album and I treasure it until today :)...Forgive me but I am such a fan of crunk music. He is among the music artists that I wish would get back into the studio :(
 Anyhow .....

One of the things I tried to do through this blog was to showcase and celebrate every Tanzanian who does something that introduces the country outside our borders...and the late Steven Kanumba was a regular on this blog. So much that, when he died,I posted every detail about the whole drama, especially on the day of his funeral. You may read the post again Here
 Rest with Angels,Steven.

Then there was Vanessa Mdee,launching her music career after several years of being a TV and Radio presenter. It was fun following her growth,from the Karaoke nights at Runways lounge to performing on an international stage! I remember screaming when I saw her picture with Kelly Rowland!

Oooh my boss Flaviana Matata! For almost 10 years I made sure every month I had a post about her. She was the only Tanzania supermodel representing our country while raising our flag high! Through her,many girls believed they can do more,be more...So,when she started her foundation to support girl students,I started calling her BOSS...and have been doing so,ever since.

On events... :) you remember the day Chaka Khan came to Dar? Ooooh I was ecstatic!
 I was tuned to 102.5 Choice FM listening to Thandi as she gave the details about the show,playing her music and ...then came the interview! There was no way I was going to miss that show!
 With my Blackberry at hand,I was at the front row singing so loud,they might have thought I was a paid backup singer! Ubungo Plaza was packed! Chaka Khan showed us why she is a power house :) Here is a clip on her performance Chaka Khan

Then came the Vuvuzela Entertainment,giving our ribs some laughing exercises! I remember attending the second edition at the now Oysterbay Shopping Center...I never laughed so hard before that day! The show stopper for me was Dogo Pepe, a kid from Mbagala who showed what Bongo street smart really means.
 The Comedy Club was founded by Evans Bukuku,who also made some crazy jokes that night. Check this video Here
Oooops, my blackberry was also busy capturing some interesting things,like these Hasheem Thabit ankles...I remember I had to use the story of his ankles in order to avoid talking about his then date...Ms Jokate.

Fashion-wise,I can't forget my first interview with the then youngest fashion designer,Mtani Nyamakababi. It was 2011,August I think,when I came across pictures of his designs. At that time, he was doing African print designs,but the quality of his work got my attention. I did several other posts about his work, but the very first interview is here

And then there was the birth of Tanzania's Stylist extraordinaire, Rio Paul...When I first came across his work,styling Jokate Mwegelo and Nuru the Light... I knew this kid will be a frequent topic on the blog.  It wasn't long before he went on to style the hosts of Kili Music Awards 2013! Take a look here

Now,as I was going through this emotional phase, an old friend Honest Aroyal, who used to work for the Swahili Fashion Week, asked if I could do #TBT posts on my socials, showing the different stages we have gone through as the Tanzanian fashion industry...I thought,what a coincidence! And on top of that,what a great idea!

So,starting Thursday of this week,I will be sharing various posts on people and events that I was able to capture over the years. I think this will be so much fun,don't you? Follow me on Instagram and Facebook as @MissiePopular

By now,I am sure you can tell how much I miss those blogging days :) Many have asked me to bring back the same content...I am afraid that will not be possible. I believe it is not the type of content that is relevant anymore...unless its a #TBT like this one, for reference and learning purposes only. Otherwise,everything can be covered over one Instagram post and not a full Blog post

So,what's next? Well,I will continue to post on LIFESTYLE and SELF GROWTH,using fashion and style as key examples. That means, you should expect my posts to be on Fashion and Style discovery, Food, Travel and other lifestyle topics. Just not fashion police :)

I love you for being my reader, for supporting this blog since 2011 to-date. Let's continue to grow together and discover more 💜

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