For a more Sleek Look, Choose Light "Expensive" Colors.

I am well known for my love for earthy and dark colors, I feel like black, dark blue and brown are great and safer colors to wear. However, for those following my Instagram Account, you might have noticed a slight change on my wardrobe color scheme. This is due to the fact that I am experimenting on the "Rich Aunty" look, to see how different a lighter color makes me look. I am now trying on white, nude/neutral, beige, off white and pastels. Why, you ask? It is because;

Lighter colors gives a more polished look: It goes without saying that when you wear a full white outfit or pastels, you look more polished. There is something about these colors that just looks right. However, if you are the kind who like darker shades, like me, then you may start small and let the experience sink in first. For example, on this look, I still accessorized it with darker items such as a black head wrap and maroon pump shoes. 

Light Colors look more expensive: A while back, I read an article on Vogue concerning this myth. I had to try it myself, to see if its true. My hypothesis was to test the reactions from people on the final look, as well as to listen to how "I feel" when wearing a brighter outfit. I can testify that the myth is true! The above look, for example, received so many praises. I also experienced that "rich feeling", if at all there is one, but I felt uplifted somehow. Thank God I didn't go shopping on this day, my accounts would have been empty by now :)

It's all about Class: This is true for dark-colored outfits like an all-black outfit or black and white, however, there is something more on that all-white or pastels outfit. I am yet to try a full white or pastel look, but I have been one to admire people who try them. I will surely put on a show for you, very soon :). 

Simplicity is Sleek: Imagine a pale purple top on a full white palazzo trouser. The combination seems very simple but the look becomes sleeker. The same applied for any pastel or white outfit, of which are accessorized at a minimum but look quite chic. For this look, I only wore small pearl studs. No watch, necklace or even a bracelet. But still, it was a good look nonetheless. 

So, have you ever tried to rock a brighter look? How did it feel? Let me know on the comments section below. FOLLOW me on Instagram for more conversations @MissiePopular

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