My Struggle with Consistency: Reasons Why & the Ways to Regain It

I know I have said this more than once before ,"I Am Baaaack!"...but every time I say it and start blogging or vlogging again, I disappoint you by my inconsistency. Even writing this post has taken more than two weeks, and now I just have to declare it, I have a problem being CONSISTENT in blogging and vlogging. 

This is like the way we plan to do so much during the beginning of a new know, like I will loose weight, or I want to read many books, or I will start writing a new novel etc. And then September is here, you are not even 10% in :(. It is soooo disappointing but I found the reasons why and how to regain consistency. I hope my reasons might sound familiar to what you are going through as well


Back in 2010 when I started this blog, I had one main goal. To use it as a platform to educate and entertain young women on various Lifestyle issues, like Fashion, beauty, music, travels etc. Of late, with Instagram being the focus of everything Fashion, Beauty and Travel, I kind of lost the goal for this blog. This means, I also lost that DRIVE to write something worth of your time,as a reader. HOWEVER, one big fan of this blog sent me a DM a few weeks back, and it shook me to the core. The DM read;

"Hello MP I am your fan since 2011. I see you dont blog anymore and I want you to know that your blog was the reason i got a promotion at work after changing my clothes and looked more corporate. The change of outfits made me feel more confident and I was able to apply for a higher position which I got! What you used to write was very important and i just want to say thank you"

I must confess,this made teary. And it is one of the reasons I started to rethink my WHY, and how we can continue to interact here, as we used to. My new WHY is to make this a platform for me and you to learn from each other, on issues like Work, Relationships and of course, Fun! Let's upgrade our lives financially, emotionally and socially...TOGETHER :)

There are many ways you can regain or redefine your WHY...Ask yourself,why did you make those plans? Is the goal still the same? Do you need to stop it altogether or you want to restart again?


Oooh this is a big one. It took me a while to really hear what my family have been telling me for years now. "Stop starting millions of projects and just pick a few, or you will burn out!", my dad kept saying over and over again. It was until I was ready to take stock of what I have achieved so far,that I realized how true his concerns were.

I am one of those who have a gazillion ideas at once, and would want to try every thing. This made it hard to BALANCE both time and energy, and thus I lost focus and consistency on some projects. This blog being a good example. WAY FORWARD: I have decided to CHOOSE few projects to see through, and delegate or shelf others. This will give me time, help me focus and allow me to create the consistency that I need. 

What about you? How do you find balance in your life?


This question still looms in my head. With Instagram and Twitter being the centers of conversations, who will visit a blog to read my musings? I asked myself and still I am skeptical. HOWEVER, I am training my mind to celebrate the small wins. If I get 1 person to revisit the blog, I am happy. If I receive one comment,then its a parteeee! :)

Looking at your goals, celebrate the small achievements rather than waiting for the big finale. If you wanted to read 10 books this year, celebrate after you finish the first book. The same for you who wanted to loose 30 kg, celebrate loosing the first 1 kg. This will give you the reason to look forward to the next milestone. Remember, a journey of 1000 miles starts with a single step

4. THE PRIDE....Oooh that pride! 

Me, Missie Popular, Blogger start all over again and get the criticisms, comments on my grammar etc? Why should I bother? That was the voice in my head a few months ago. Like many other Capricorns, I have a hard time swallowing my pride, something that is very crucial for success. This hinders us from receiving constructive criticism especially from our close friends and family.

Let's all learn to put our pride aside and get feedback from those we trust to tell us as it is. It is through this process that I was able to see how busy I was making my life to be, with very little output. Try it,you will thank me later

5. IT'S TOO LATE TO RESTART AGAIN! or so I thought...

It has been 10 good years since I started this blog. The last time I was consistently posting was in 2018,two years have passed and I felt like a new kid trying to start a blog again! BUT you know what, NCBA Tanzania came on board to partner with me this year, with a slogan saying #GoForIt. It was like a wake up call for me. I was like, wait a minute! I still got a lot to offer, and hundreds of readers who are still visiting the blog EVERY DAY! So, here I am. 

I may be posting ones or twice a week, as compared to the old days when i had up to five posts a day...but I am here. 

Do you think its too late for you? I am here to take your hand and assure you, your goal/dream is still valid. Go for it!

All in all,get back on that horse! Whatever it is that you had planned, and there after you lost track of, review it and get back to finalizing and achieving your goals. 

To make this consistency work for us, we all need to have the people around us to hold us accountable. So,may I ask YOU to be the one to hold me accountable? That, if I do not post at least twice a week, you will bring me back on track? 

Looking forward to your COMMENTS :)

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  1. Dear M.P

    I hope my comment gives you a partyeeeee mood 🤣

    No 3 and no 4 in your post is all about my current situation.

    I am writing to encourage you to keep WRITING. Here are a few things I would like to share with you

    Have you ever thought of how would it be if the technology existed during Muhamad &Jesus time?

    There were amazing women and Men who followed these two prophets, their words we're blocked, they were not allowed to speak freely.

    Imagine if they had the opportunity we have today, opportunities to have a blog corner like yours, a platform where they could share their experiences openly, we could be reading about them today right?

    But they didn't have the opportunity we have today, and someone else wrote about them, but as for our generation, we can write about ourselves today.

    Our generation is lucky enough to have these platforms to express our feelings, love, passion, life experiences etc

    We can communicate with the world. We can create these platforms, these platforms shall talk about us some days, it doesn't matter who likes or comments today.

    So keep on writing darling, write more, share more as you can, express yourself more and more. Write to the future.

    Your writings shall meet the right person at the right time. The right person won't even care about the grammars like mine here😅, your words will inspire the right people like the one sent you that beautiful comment.

    Your words shall live in this technology even if you are no longer living, the next generations shall read about the happy stylish lived soul (You)





  2. Oooh dear! Bless your heart! Thank you so much for your kind and encouraging words. I really appreciate it. Kisses