The Corporate Fashion Rules to Help you get that Promotion


Corporate Fashion Etiquette.

The Corporate fashion sphere has been disrupted so much lately. From the rise of non-traditional startups that push for casual attire in offices, to the COVID 19 forcing people to work from home, and even the rise of women's sense of expression through personal styles, the Corporate fashion etiquette/rules are currently blurry,really. 

When I talk about corporate fashion rules, I am not referring to the traditional office wear of women wearing longer skirts/dresses and no trousers allowed etc...HELL NO. I am more focused on the appropriateness of the clothes we wear (colors, cuts, sizes, length), the accessories (hair styles, makeup, shoes, jewelry) and their impact on our upward growth through the corporate ladder.

So, what are the Corporate Fashion Rules that will make you standout fashionably, while giving you that competitive edge within your office?

A GOOD FIT IS EVERYTHING: It does not matter how expensive your attire is, it should fit you perfectly. If it is tight, you will look inappropriate and if it is loose, you will look tacky. So make sure what you wear fits you well,in all angles. A good fitting attire will give you a rather sense of confidence,which is much needed in the corporate world.

EMBRACE MONOCHROMES and BLACK&WHITE STYLES. Monochromatic fashion is the art of wearing clothes of the same color or the shade and tint of one color. This style, together with the black and white style, are the best if you want to look elegant. However, if you decide to go monochromatic, please select the earthy tone colors rather than bright and neon colors. Looking elegant gives you that look of authority,which will make others look at you in a leadership light.

STAY CULTURED. Now this might come across a bit controversial since we all view the African culture differently. Here is what I mean. Select clothes that are respectful throughout. Sheer/see-through, ultra short, high slits, low cleavage are all not office-friendly and may come across as not respectful, in the context of an African culture. Remember that, majority of corporate companies in Africa are owned and/or operated by Africans, who when selecting managers,supervisors or Directors, they look for people that they (and other staff members) can relate to. 

ACCESSORIZE IN MODERATION. I am a bit of the classical style kinda person, so I really keep my accessories at a minimum. So, I do understand if this might be difficult for a person who loooove to accessorize in layers. The appropriate corporate look should be accessorized with the following. Closed earthy colored shoes, a dark colored belt (with a small buckle), a watch on the left hand, small/medium sized earrings, very moderate makeup and tied back hair/head scarf/hijab. At the end of the day,our mission is not to make your attire be the center of attention, but rather an introduction to YOU,whose performance is the center of attention.

QUALITY IS KEY. It doesn't matter if you buy your attires from Kariakoo, Dubai or from a thrift shop,make sure everything is of good quality. This means, no stains or holes in your clothes, that your shoes are well polished, your hair is well kept and your clothes are thoroughly ironed. How you look,is your first introduction before you even say one word. So,make it the best introduction ever :)

Finally, BALANCE YOUR LOOK AND YOUR WORK. It is not enough to be the best dressed person in your office,what pushes you up the ladder is your performance. So,find that balance and you will go far. Make your corporate look as the best introduction ever, and you performance as the most memorable. Go and show them how magical you are!

As a starting point,what is the one Rule that you will start to work on,today? Let me know in the comments below

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