A Review of the Tanzania Fashion Festival 2020

October 4th brought us another episode of the Tanzania Fashion Festival series. This is a fashion event that celebrates SUMMER in terms of fashion, music and the whole mood involved. This year, the event changed venue as compared to last two years....the new home is the Terrace at Slipway, Dar es Salaam.

This venue is one of my favorites in terms of how versatile it is! You may actually change it to almost any them of the event you want. And to start my review, let's check at how the organizers used the venue;

Venue and Logistics: The decor was at a minimal and I liked it, because it did not take the attention away from the clothes that were showcased. However, the swimming pool found at the middle to the venue was well underused. I wish the organizers would have created a runway across it or something that incorporated it into the show. Instead, the models were going all around the swimming pool, taking turns, which made the show use more time. 

The changing rooms management was better than many other fashion events that I have been to, although I would advise for the next event, to avoid putting the VIP's area next to it or to really manage the people coming in and out of the changing rooms. We, the viewers don't really have to see or hear what is happening in the kitchen :)
My favorite part of the show was the a combination of the variety of models that I witnessed, as well as the music. 

On the models: I liked the body type representation (size 0 all the way to African plus size),it is refreshing to sit at a fashion event and see clothes on a model that you can relate to. Although I was searching for those tall "giraffes" and saw very few.

 Coming back to the music part, oooh DJ Sammy was a whole MOOD! And this Jazz band below.....awesome! The music made the event more than just a runway show.

The Audience was in such great spirits and you could see a summer celebration. If only there were enough seats for everybody to be comfortable as we enjoy both the runway show and the great music. I hope the organizers will look in to this in the next event.
The Designers' showcase: Well well well :) I was super impressed by the number of emerging designers that were given the platform to show their work! Yes, there is still so much to be done in terms of achieving authentic designs (or at least "copy & customize"), but this was a great start. 
Otherwise, it’s just fixing the details and we will have a summer flagship event for the year!

 Kudos to Deogratius Kithama and his entire team for the event. There is so much potential in this event and we look forward to supporting its growth.

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