What to Wear for a Job Interview

 A job interview can be one of the most stressful things. From getting ready with relevant content, re-reading those theories and case studies and much more. It can be tiring, and when you put CLOTHES as one of the items on your checklist, things get messier. Well, it does not have to be.

Getting ready for an interview includes getting your image right for the job and the company/institution you are interviewing for. That is why, it is important to dress according to the job you are applying for or the relevant company/institution. For example, here are the different interview dressing options for various sectors.

Smart Casual: For those in IT, Engineering, Research related fields, Social Media and other creative industries, Art related fields like entertainment etc. 

Smart casual means putting your look together in a smart way but not too strict. You may use a bit of colors, prints and mix and match. However, adhering to the length and tightness of your clothes is still a universal rule. When selecting what to wear for an interview in the above sectors, remember to research on the company culture and dress accordingly.

Business Professional Attire: This is for fields like Banking, Administration work, Hospitality, Health care/Medical, Academic and most of managerial positions. 

A proper suit in dark or earthy colors is most appropriate for these kinds of interviews. I advise you avoid prints and loud colors as well. What is important is to make sure (whether the suit is a skirt or trousers), the fit is perfect. You are expected to wear closed shoes, mostly black, dark blue or brown. 
You may also opt for a kitenge dress or a monochrome look which exudes that business feel. The most important note is to make sure your hair is styled in a business look, preferably tied at the back. Also your accessories to be at a minimal.

What to avoid: Too tight clothes, loud colors like, crazy prints, too big or much accessorizing, open informal shoes and too much makeup. 

Tip to Note: - Make sure you try on the clothes at least a day before, to make sure they fit well and that they are in good condition.
                     - Prepare your attire the night before (iron clothes, brush your shoes, select accessories)

Remember, your self confidence can highly be affected by how you look. So, get your look right and go get that job!

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