Let Your Corporate Style transcend your Office space

Each and everyone of us is a brand. And most times, we walk around as individual brands but who are also associated with other brands. This could be our personal companies/businesses, our employer's brand or the brands we Influence for. 

What I have noticed, and have been guilty of, is that we tend to forget that we are all "walking brands", no matter where we are. This translates to how we dress when we are in casual spots, where we hang out and even how we dress for office fun events.

Today I just want to give you a look into my casual look, as I blend my 9-5 job with the Missie Popular brand. This was the look I went for, as I joined Ally Rehmtullah for his 2020 Model Auditions event.

The wrap skirt and off shoulder top are from MM Brands while the strappy heels are from Fashoonista.

 Being a civil servant with a passion for fashion, means I have to find pieces that can work for both brands. Mid skirts, well tailored trousers, suits and full gowns help me a lot.

I will be sharing with you, and hopefully they are inspiration for someone reading this today. FOLLOW me on Instagram @MissiePopular for more pictures and moments



Missie Popular


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