My Experience at the Firefly Boutique Hotel, Bagamoyo

Firefly Boutique Hotel, Bagamoyo. That was the address given to me by one of my colleagues, when I was searching for a place to stay for my Bagamoyo trip. The place came highly recommended for a rusty and sustainable place that I needed.

On arrival, I was taken aback. First of all, we arrived at around 8p.m and I couldn't see much. But the lights and ambiance outside the entrance door gave me a hint of what awaited me inside. 

Because I was just too tired, I went straight to bed.

6a.m I was awake and ready to explore this magical place. I was greeted by a lazy cat sleeping by the window, snoring loudly as he enjoyed the sea breeze and the sounds of birds singing.

He woke up for a second, looked me in the eyes and went back to lalaland.

I didn't want to disturb him so I continued my exploration. My bare feet feeling the cold concrete floors as I went down the stairs and outside where a swimming pool awaited. The swooshing sounds of the surrounding trees made me wish I carried my yoga pants and a mat!

I strolled down, through the well kept gardens and came face to face with a wide greenery area that hosts those small camping know...those navy green ones? Well, I could just imagine the calmness that those camping guests were enjoying, sleeping while surrounded by such a beautiful scenery.

My day had just started and I was already feeling wide awake with a deep feeling of gratitude. I was thankful for being alive and being able to enjoy such beauty of nature. I went back to my room to get myself ready for the day

The room was quite different from my usual hotels of choice. Heavy wooden doors, concrete floors, wooden windows, swahili coast rugs and bins, it was quite a new experience for me but exactly what I wanted to see. However, the damp smell and dusty beddings got all my allergies acting up. 
After a complaint to the hotel staff, the room was deep cleaned and I really appreciated that effort. I could breath again and enjoy the Bagamoyo air.
Ready for the day, I went to experience the food. Tea was served by the swimming pool, on wooden tables that blend amazingly well with the surrounding gardens. Cats and Dogs can be seen lounging or walking around, sizing up the new guests. I fell in love with this fluffy baby :)
My favorite breakfast by far is this mix. Spanish omelette with avocado topped bruschetta. The chef used this red peppered salt that was just yummy! With a full belly, I went off to do the business that took me to Bagamoyo, spending a full day working and working some more.
The evening brought me and my colleagues back to a quite place, a Firefly that just begged for a quite dinner with glass of wine...or in my case, grape juice :)
We enjoyed our dinner by the swimming pool, listening to the beautiful sounds of soul music coming from the hotel speakers. The speakers are mounted on the surrounding trees, giving that surprise feel to the ears.
With that, I went back to bed, for I needed my beauty sleep for a mini photoshoot that I was to do the next day.  You can see the pictures here

Would I recommend Firefly to anyone else? Well, Yes and No. Yes it is a great place for those who have been to a rustic hotel before...those who appreciates antique and sustainable things, especially if you are a backpacker or solo adventure traveler. 

However, if the above is not you, then you might miss the beauty of this place. So I will not recommend it. But you may visit it for food and definitely for those Insta-worthy pictures :)

My stay was adventurous and I plan to visit again in future.

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