My Trip to Zanzibar- Mixing Business with Pleasure

Traveling is one of the best things you can do. Be it for work or fun, traveling gives you a chance to change the environment, experience new things and people, as well as learn new cultures or tricks. 

For those who FOLLOW me on my Insta page @MissiePopular you know how much I looove to travel. Whether its local travel, regional or international...take me anywhere and I will be the happiest girl! :))) And that happiness came in form of an official travel to Zanzibar, of which I mixed in some fun as well, as usual hahahah
My stay was super amazing! The Zanzibar Serena Hotel made sure I had a great experience. The room was cozy with a view of the garden and the Indian ocean.
I love the dark wood theme of this hotel, and couldn't resist the urge to take as many pictures as I could. The details of the room,ooooh just beautiful!

You may notice that I did not share much on the food. When traveling, I usually try to widen my experience by eating at various local places and new joints. So I had dinner at Forodhani, Lunch at a local nameless restaurant, evening dinks at the new Cape Town fish market, snacks by the road, etc. Can't wait to go back to this magical Island

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See you on my next trip :)

Missie Popular


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