Random Post on a random encounter :)

Let me tell you a story. It was a Monday afternoon when I received a text asking me to go for fittings. The message was from Irada, a Tanzanian fashion designer who was making something for me to wear at the Ally Rehmtullah's fashion event. Since her office is located near my employer's office, I decided to pass by after work.
Now, remember my day job is at a government institute so I look a bit different from when I attend events as Missie Popular :) . Here I was, dressed in a checkered full mid skirt, brown blouse and accessorized by black block pumps, black head scarf, black shades and black bag. I love my black color, don't judge lol
Upon arrival, I found Irada taking pictures for her social media content and I gladly hyped her. Little did I know, she is a hype mistress! She started complimenting my outfit from head to toe, making me do the 360 turn again and again.
The end result was this amazing documented moment, me doing the most and her doing what she does best. Soooo,we posed and turned and posed again
We ended up NOT doing any fittings that day, a story for another day, but at the end she did a great job styling my outfit for the Ally Rehmtullah's show. You can see the pictures here

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