How to Enjoy the December Holidays, on a budget.


"There is no reason for you to miss out on the #VacayMood posts, just because your travel budget is limited!"

December is almost here and we just can't wait! It is that time to see the various social media posts, reels and YouTube vlogs on the different destinations. Some will be posting from the white beaches of Zanzibar, others from the plains of the Serengeti or the gorgeous valleys of Ngorongoro national park. The question is, where will you be posting from?

Today I want to share some tips on how YOU, can also be part of the hashtag #VacayMode , without breaking your bank account. Budget friendly tips that will help you get those Instagram worthy photos and reels :) So, here we go;

1. Early Bookings

This is one important tip, especially since most of us Tanzanians (and Africans really), are not used to plan and book early for our transport and accommodation when traveling. One thing that help our family is using those early booking offers that most hotels advertise. As I am writing this, we are already in November. This means, the prices are starting to go higher due to the upcoming holidays. However, different offers are still there, you only need to do your research and visit hotel or booking websites. I like using as a website because their prices are usually cheaper than other websites.

2. Budget Accommodation

I know many of us like to stay in high end hotels, especially when traveling for the holidays. However, what I gathered over the years is, you may travel to Zanzibar or go to Serengeti/Ngorongoro/Mikumi/Kilwa, Dubai etc and stay at a budget friendly lodge/AirBnB and still get those luxury Instagram pictures for the gram. The money you serve from accommodation is what you use for that luxury brunch or a day rate pool time at a 5 star hotel, a fancy dinner or a spa date. Just make sure you book yourself at a safe neighborhood that is accessible. For example, did you know that there is a lodge that costs 60,000 TZS  a night only, and it is located right opposite Park Hyatt in Zanzibar? 

3. Eat with the Locals

If there is one thing I enjoy a lot when traveling, is eating where the locals eat. Don't get me wrong, I also indulge in fancy brunch and dinners, but these are usually occasional. When traveling on a budget, it helps to talk to those street vendors, taxi drivers and hotel receptionists to know where they eat. Their recommendations will take you to amazing local food areas that provide great experiences at affordable prices. In order to balance your day, you may have a hearty local lunch together with a fancy light dinner (less expensive). You have got to be strategic about it :)

4. Affordable Transport

This has layers and layers of content, and it all depends on the distance towards your holiday destination.  For those destinations that are accessible via a bus, boat or train ride, making use of that is a budget saver! For example, taking a bus ride to Morogoro and starting a Mikumi tour is much more affordable than booking for a tour car from Dar es Salaam to Mikumi. The same applies for Ngorongoro, Serengeti etc. In order to add into your experience, you may blend different types of transportation in your travels (boat + air flight or Bus + Train etc) However, for those destinations that requires an air flight, booking early is also helpful. Especially if you book through the less grand and popular airlines like Emirates etc. For example, taking a FlyDubai flight is way cheaper than using Emirates. 

Bonus Tip: When booking for your flight or accommodation, it is believed that there are specific days and months that are cheaper than others. For instance, Wednesday is believed to be a cheaper day, while September is said to be a cheaper month. I am yet to try this hack but some travelers swear by it! 

It is my hope that you got one or two tips to try out...and I look forward to your #VacayMode posts. Just Tag me @MissiePopular pleaseeeee

Happy Holi... oooops, sorry, it's too early :)



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