The VMAs 2011 Red Carpet moments

This year's VMAs started with such memorable moments! First of all, Beyonce announces she is Pregnant!
And our Barbie shows up in a rather Barbie-like outfit...Am talking about Nicki Minaj..
The annoying couple of Wiz and Amber did their normal annoying stuffs in front of the Paparazzi much more for trying to prove to everyone that you are in love!..Shiiiieeeeettttt!!
Moving on, Flo-rida showed up with such a beautiful date!!
I bet she is Mexican!!lol
 Kelly Rawland looking amazing as always!
                                                  Kevin Hart
                                    Katty Perry and hubby
                                             Kim Kardashian
 Well...dont know you..but you look good too
                                                     Amy Winehouse wannabe!  
                                                  Selena Gomez
                                               Justin Bieber

Many more updates on what is happening will come soon

Missie Popular


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