Vote for Mt. Kilimanjaro for World Seven Wonders

Tanzania Tourist Board wishes to inform the public that Mount Kilimanjaro has been nominated as a candidate for the seven natural wonders of the world, in a competition organised by an organisation known as Seven Natural Wonders in which tourist attractions from all over the world are voted to nominated as The Seven Natural wonders of The World.

Tanzania will gain much publicity from being listed in the new list of Seven Natural wonders of the World and will be able to use this opportunity to promote Mt. Kilimanjaro as being in Tanzania.

Out of the 28 contestants which have made it to this stage, only two nominations are from Africa, these being Mt. Kilimanjaro (Tanzania) and Table Mountain (South Africa). There is fierce competition between the two African destinations.

Voting trends have shown that most people who are voting for Mount Kilimanjaro are those residing outside the country and that very few Tanzanian residents are voting for Mt. Kilimanjaro unlike the case for Table Mountain where large numbers of South Africans are taking participation in voting for Table Mountain.

We (TTB) would like to urge Tanzanians (in and out of Tanzania), friends and patrons worldwide to vote for Mount Kilimanjaro so that it becomes one of the New Seven Natural Wonders Of The World.

Votes are being collected at the following website:

Note that the competition is open until November 11th, 2011.


Missie Popular


  1. Just follow the link on the post, and all the details are right in there, Raphael.

  2. This Link can also take you straight to the Voting page. Choose the wonders that you want to vote for, Kilimanjaro as the first :-)...then enter the below details to complete your Vote.