Condolences Mesages from Popular Peeps

 "Ni pigo kubwa kwa TAIFA for the loss of ndugu zetu katika ajali ya meli znz.....pole nyingi kwa mliopoteza ndugu, jamaa, marafiki........mwenyezi mungu azipumzishe roho zao mahali pema peponi. AMIN"

Hamis B-Dozen has been one among many Tanzanian Popular people who have showed their sympathy for those who passed away after the Zanzibar Boat Accident that took place on the 10th September 2011.
Many people expressed their condolences through the social medias of Facebook and Twitter...

"Man, What a sad weekend in Tanzania.. Condolences to all the Families that suffered the loss of their loved ones.... #PrayForTanzania"- Wrote Hasheem Thabeet on his twitter account

At the same time, Flaviana Matata wrote "Cnt sleep,issue ya meli imenitonesha kidonda.Tried to stay strong for work,ila sasa hv naona nimechemka.Mungu awalaze mahala pema"..Its so hard for her since she has experienced loosing a loved one through MV Bukoba accident!

"My sincere condolences for those who have lost a loved on in the Zanzibar boat accident. All my love and prayers to you. #ZanzibarBoatCrisis" wrote Amby Lusekelo, one of the great Tanzanian designers.

"I have so much that I want to say in regards to this #zanzibarboataccident but I will wait for MY temper to cool
down..RIP to the deceased"so much pain, sadness and confusion was expressed this weekend, as Reuben Ndege "Ncha Kali" wrote this tweet..

Lets join hands together people, as ONE Tanzania, and help each other get through this ordeal.Hopefully legal measures will be taken against those who caused this terrible accident!

God Bless Tanzania

Missie Popular


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