From DICOTA 2011 Dinner Gala Fashion Show

DICOTA is the conference organized by the Union of Tanzanians living in the US of A...and it takes place annually,this year was in Washington DC.
During this conference, alot of sensible stuffs and plans are being discussed, but the fan part is always this fashion show;
                                   The MC of the night as he showcases one of Binti Africa's designs

 Designs by Farha Sultan and Binti Africa respectively
                  Gabriel Mollel

                                                          Jamila Swai design
                                                        Khadija Mwanamboka design
 Designs by Mustafa Hassananli

                                                        Design by Zamda George

                                                         Another design by Binti Africa

Thanks to Shamim of 8020 Fashion blog for sharing these!

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