Miss Universe Scandal!! Leila Lopes forged documents?

According to the International Business Times web, Miss Angola and now Miss Universe Leila Lopes is in one hell of a scandal;

"Argentine newspaper Infobae alleged that Lopes, with help from a man named Charles Mukano, participated in the Miss Angola UK pageant despite the fact that she lived in Angola, and not the United Kingdom, which is a violation of the rules. Mukano is also said to have helped Lopes obtain documents claiming she was a business management student at an English university.The report goes as far as to say that Lopes might have bribed British judges to ensure a win." reports IBT..

If these allegations prove to be true, Leila will automatically loose her title and will be banned from United Kingdom forever!I believe Miss Ukraine will be having both her fingers and toes crossed by now...lol

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