Tanzanian Supermodels- Hassan "Daxx" Ally

 Born as Hassan Ally, he is one of the famous faces in the Tanzanian Male modeling Industry

 Having participated in almost all fashion shows and festivals that takes place in and outside the country..Daxx is one of the great Male models i have encountered

His recent work been Maridadi Show that took place in Arusha this September....ahem!
 He is funny...sometimes that can be taken in the wrong way by many who do not know him well.....
 Like the experience we had during the Swahili Fashion Cast for 2011..(Giver,Daxx,Martin)
How old he is....well, lets meet and ask him physically at Runway Lounge on his Birthday Party!how is THAT!?..LOL

To know more from this handsome guy, visit his blog http://www.daxxcruz.blogspot.com

Missie Popular


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