Beauty with a Purpose- Flaviana Matata

She is one of the best Tanzania Supermodels in the International Modeling Industry... and today we would like to recognize her for the humanitarian works and services that she has and still continues to do for the Tanzanian society..
 Since her Miss Universe days..Flaviana Matata has been in the forefront on sharing her wealth and heart with those in need..
 Ranging from the orphaned kids of the Mitindo House orphanage
 We love the new toy,by the way..this will help a lot with the foundation...
 Flaviana during the auction of different items for HIV/AIDS awareness during red Ribbon gala
 The launch of the Flaviana Matata Foundation to help the unfortunate ones is another example..
 We thank this family, (Flaviana's grand parents and uncle) for the good morals and the heart of giving instilled into this diva's upbringing.

Lets do more for Tanzania..Together we can!

Missie Popular


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