FidStyle Friday Week 10- Ambwene Yessaya (AY)

For the first time in Tanzania, we get to see an artist sooo relaxed and very much okay to show his other side of life on camera!! Am talking about Ambwene Yessaya, a.k.a AY ..Mzee wa Commercial as interviewed by Fid Q on FidStyle Friday!!  I love the surrounding environment, the easy atmosphere..and most of all, the girls in the swimming pool sipping some Savanna and splashing water on Ngosha! :-))))
Fid Q's grand entry is superb!!!
As AY said..let's keep VOTING for our Tanzanian artists on Channel O Music Video Awards!!

Thank you Fid Q for this Week 10 Fidstyle Friday!! Welcome Back,bro!!

Missie Popular


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