From the 2nd Annual Shear Charity Ball 2011

The 2nd Annual Shear Charity Ball was such a success tonight as the 56 million TZS were accumulated for the development of a water system at the Amana hospital and also a donation at CRDB for the women with Fistula disease. This is how it went down ...
 The THT singers kept the night so romantic, with the old love songs..
 The Black and White affair was adhered to so very well..
 DJ Bonyluv was there!! we had such amazing Oldies numbers..
 Nobody could contain themselves..the dancefloor was packed!!
 I met the ever amazing AIESEC members who were the ushers of the night....memories!!
 Benjamin from Serengeti breweries (exclusive sponsors) was there,looking great :-)
 Rio Paul posing with uncle Michuzi and wifey...she is such a beauty,i tell'ya!!
 Two amazing people on the red carpet :-)...Me,Myself and I..alongside Rio Paul
 I saw all kind of dresses!!I love Red Carpet moments!
 Da' Shamim of 8020 blog looking fab with her camera close by....her hair style is beautiful!
 The Salsa dancers from Kenya were one of the performers of the night..
 ahem!!..Mr. Mayor Jerry Silaa was there too,...full of admiration for my dress..LOL
 The Kenyan Salsa group as posing with some of the guests of the night
 I loved these two sisters!!the shorter one is the oldest and she so complained about her height!
                                                            The beautiful couple

                                                   Beautiful people were everywhere!
 Black and White theme,well adhered to!
Well,and here is your princess, as dressed in a Mustafa Hassanali design! Thank you Mus, i really felt like a princess today!

Missie Popular


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