From Tusker Allstar concert in Nairobi,Kenya

 Carnival was full to its brim! literally :-)
 Eve doing her thing...i love the shoes!!
 There were all kind of entertainments!! like these acrobatics guys..
 Look at that!!! damn! there were so many people who showed up for the event
 So,i lost a bet on "what color of pants would Cabo Snoop put on?" this guys is amazing!!
 Shaggy keeping it real!!i can definitely imagine the moves on that waist at this moment..LOL
 My brother from Rwanda, Alpha, one of the Tusker Project Fame winners (double winner)
 Ouuuuuuh! Peter Msechuuuuuuuuuuuuu! Proudly Tanzanian...true entertainer i tell'ya!
 ahem! Amani dearest! what can i say? I love the look from head to ...well,knees :-) beautiful!
Prime Time promotions officials and friends as they make sure all goes well during the event. Am so proud of these guys for Coordinating this whole event, Tanzania well represented!

All images courtesy of Michuzijr blog

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