Swahili Fashion Week Shopping Festival!!

The Swahili Fashion Week Shopping Festival will capture the spirit, style and essence of the Swahili coast. After the Successful Shopping Festival in 2010, it will showcase not only traditional Swahili arts and culture but the inspired innovation, and dynamic creativity of the modern Swahili speaking world, offering stalls to all participating fashion designers to exhibit and sell their unique, often hand-made clothing, accessories and products.
Stall priority to those not on the runway will be given to artists, crafts-people, etc... who are disabled or underprivileged.
The theme of the Swahili Fashion Week Shopping Festival is celebrating “Made in Tanzania”, as we celebrate 50 Years of Independence celebrating Creative entrepreneurship
Swahili Fashion Week Shopping Festival feature:
  • Swahili cuisine
  • Swahili beauty and adornment i.e. henna, piko, udi and perfumery
  • Swahili “Mode” i.e. beading, kofia making, etc.
  • Swahili arts and crafts
  • Swahili music and performance
  • Swahili furniture
  • Swahili textiles and weaving
  • An accessory designers’ showcase
For more info, go to http://swahilifashionweek.com/

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