Ally Rehmtullah LookBook

When it comes to those Corporate events in Dar es Salaam, one of the things that catch my eyes is always the ever beautiful Ushers!! It even becomes better when what they are putting on, is one of the Ally Rehmtullah's designs! Take a LOOK;
Ushers for CBA new brand colors and logo change!look at those dresses!
 The team for Miss Tanzania as dressed by Ally Rehmtullah..mwaaaa!
 NBC Mastercard ushers also in an Ally Rehmtullah design!
 Ally Rehmtullah work during the Smirnoff of my favorite designs!
Oooouuuhhh....TCC Ushers in breathtakingly beautiful Ally's designs!

Get your event upgraded with beautiful dressed your brand colors!! Thank you Ally,....

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