Beyonce rocking her Baby Bump!

To all who still hates on Bey, this will prove to you how preggers she really is! Love it!
What else could have been the best way of shutting people-up,than to wear such a See-through dress! Beyonce just closed the rumor chapter, on her fake pregnancy! This picture gives you the best outline of her baby bump..with a hint of her blue bikini :))) looking stunning!

We are all eyes and ears for that baby!

Missie Popular


  1. pretty as her body is and she is always practically showing everything she should have posed showing her belly all the way with nothing over it i just don't really know her bump looks funny to me...

  2. fake suit, and also if she was prego she would gain weight in her face and the rest of her body, have you never met a prego chick before? lol WOW