The Faces that rocked the Runway during Swahili Fashion Week

Swahili Fashion Week 2011 provided quite an experience! We witnessed all types of walks and poses on the runway....the best ones been;
 I heard she is Kenyan with Sudanese origins...She was the best model of SFW!
 One of the best Male models of SFW 2011
 My Estelle! LOL...this girl is of my height :-)) BUT she really rocked that runway! and she is cute!
 Those eyes!! Captivating and quite beautiful..this girls was among the best to photograph!
 Damn!! I don't need to know your name, is HOT!!
 I think she has the Naomi Campbel attitude on the runway! quite elegant,i tell'ya!
And here is the Tyra Banks of Tanzania!..I think we all overlook her curves and not-a-size zero body whenever she walks that runway! Girl is a giraffe! beautiful!

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