From Barazani, Here is what went on this November!

Last night Barazani at Alliance Francaise,things were hottt! From the drama performed by the orphaned an amazing performance by the Kenyan Somali group,GarGar....

The drama ended with a clip of the new movie, Coming Soon....great work by Nyakwesi!

 Then,the GarGar ladies graces the stage!!
 Barazani was full to its brim!!
 Even though we didn't understand anything she was singing sounded great!
 So..the dance-floor got busy!
 And Barazani can never be the same without some of these moments!! 

hahahahahahah...this was fun!! well,Sikinde, one of Tanzanian old bands was there too! The moment they started playing,there was no one left sitting down! even I,couldn't take more pictures..but join the fun :-)))

Missie Popular


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