From Botswana Fashion Week- MooCow,Kenya.

 Moo Cow Participated in the inaugural “Colour in the desert” Botswana Fashion week, held in Gaborone August 2011. The collection reflected the colours of the desert at dawn (blue grays) and at Dusk (rust) as well as the mid day splashes of color. Jewelry was specially made by Maro Designs Kenya, from Horn and bone cut into diamond shapes and interwoven and overlapped, in tribute to Botswana Diamond Trade as well as the weaving culture. Moo Cow Garments also featured interwoven leather strips as well as weaving in the cut of the blouses.

  Photographs taken by Mikey S, Photography

Missie Popular


  1. Mikey S here :) Thanks for the credit - please feel free to visit my page to see more of my work.

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  2. Thank you Mikey S, i have been to your page before,nice work!!