Mumina Karamagi graduates from IFM

She is one of my first readers and a very good follower of the M.P blog!! This weekend, Mumina closed the chapter with IFM and is now called a degree holder,BA. in Tax "something something"....LOL
 This is the girl herself!!looking fabulous!
 Look at that!! well...let me put it clear from the start..SHE IS TAKEN :)))
 Loved the shoes....nakuja kuvichukua soon..LOL
 The MC of the night, my cousin Teddy as she welcomes Mumina in at the party venue
 Mumina doing a cheers with her aunt and grandma!
 Few words of thanks...and lotssss of tears!! it was really emotional
 This is the woman behind all the success...Mumina's god-mother!
 Well, some of the people behind the cartain...Hawa, Fatma, Rukia and the big man Thabit
 Mumina's friends
Congratulations gal! can't wait to introduce you to the corporate world of Dar es Salaam!!

Much love

Missie Popular


  1. congrats Mumina! Nimeipenda zaidi picha ya Mgalussy hahahahah

  2. Hongera sana Dada Mumina umependeza sana. Namuon Mwalimu yupo kwenye pozi zuri sana kapendeza sana..