EB BY ESKADO BIRD is a diffusion line from ESKADO BIRD. EB BY ESKADO BIRD is a slightly more casual line that follows an urban inspiration and attempts to set trends rather than follow them. This line reflects a modern African culture. We infuse a modern and distinct twist into the use of traditional African print – Kitenge and Khanga.EB trademarks include extravagantly printed summer shorts, oversized swinging pockets, fabric layering as well as linen shirts. It is a modestly priced line of merchandise. There is a pair of shorts for everyone! It is the younger, more flamboyant line of the brand.

Bobu – Meaning “Dude”
Jiamini – Meaning "belive in yourself"
Direct Translation would be “Dude Believe In YourSELF!

Doreen Estazia, Head designer of Eskado Bird has this to say “The shorts are FUN! I come from a country that’s hot through out there year, It seemed appropriate to have a line that catered for stylish people living in hot climates throughout the year. I decided to call the shorts line “BOBU JIAMINI” for a number of reasons. On less formal occasions, I often call those in my circle “Bobuu” (You must drag the uuuuu or else it loses its meaning). Bobuu has almost become a “hype” word; I often come across friends’ referring me to bobuu amongst all my other names. It’s a very catchy word and a very popular one in Tanzania. I thought the phrase would work very with our younger generation, as well as the more mature generation. “Jiamini” is a Kiswahili word which means Believe in yourself. The word felt most appropriate to compliment the What’s Your Freedom? (WYF?) Movement.

If we can inspire the youth through music, literature, art, film. Why can’t one empower the youth through fashion? Giving the clothes we wear a meaning. “Dude! Believe in YourSELF is MY attempt to try and speak to those who appreciate and wear EB by Eskado Bird. Making the ultimate statement for today’s young and ambitious generation through fashion! It is a collection designed to INSPIRE! I want to commemorate our young people through the WYF? Movement and BOBU JIAMINI collection.

Put on some Jiamini shorts or jumpsuit for a couple of hours and you just might remind someone the meaning behind that particular piece. Put on some Jiamini shorts for a couple of hours and you might be unconsciously reminded to believe in yourself and pursue those things that you may have previously be discouraged to pursue. I want people to realize their biggest dreams and pursue them. The collection consists of both men’s and women’s wear is colorful, bold, clever, artistic, energetic and most importantly suitable for hot climate!”

PHOTOGRAPHY:Ben Kiruthi & Samir Khan
STYLIST: Eskado Bird
MODELS: Strut It Afrika
Moses Rnaze Mukiibi
Joseph David Kimeu
Ajok Kuol Manyang
FREELANCE MODEL: Odupoy Charity Namnyakova

This collection is available to the general public in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania. Call +255 765 507 477. London distribution.... tbc
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