The Fashion show at Red Ribbon Fashion Gala 2011

The pieces presented during this event were very sheek and most of them were inspired by the World AIDS Day..dominated by the red color. Take a look;
The event kicked off by the amazing pieces from Khadija Mwanamboka herself! and you can guess who was the first model to grace the runway...Flaviana Matata!!
 Kiki Fashions followed suit..with these red pieces...I loved what she was wearing most :))))
 Then it was Zamda George
 Jokate Mwegelo...using Tanzanian musician Diamond as one of her models..great debut!!
 The ever cultural Diana Magessa designs! 
 The amazing Eve Collection designs 
 One of my favorite collections of the night! Ally Rehmtullah used hair in some of the pieces :))
 Eskado Bird designs...amazing! This girl is finally here to stay,i tell'ya!
 From the Ex-model Lucky, these pieces were just marvelous! 
 Inspired by the Maasai traditions, these are Gabriel Mollel pieces :)))
 And last but not least, the ever elegant pieces from Mustafa Hassanali marked the end of the fashion show for Red Ribbon Fashion Gala.

It was so much fun..these are just few images of the fashion show, but for more pictures, go to our Facebook page, Missie Popular.

Missie Popular


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