New kid on the block- Dominic Godfrey joins the Fashion industry

December 14th,2011 marked the birth of an amazing fashion designer in the Tanzanian Industry!Am talking about Dominic Godfrey, one of the finalists of the Swahili fashion Week Emerging Designers contest! Showcasing his first ever collection at Alliance Francaise, Dominic had these to show off for;

The pieces were just beautiful!!
 Those male shirts for both a casual and smart look!

 African prints everywhere! i love the jumpsuits!!

 It was a night to remember!
 Heeey have you got your Dominic T-shirt yet? Come'on get yours for just 20,000 Tshs
And here is Dominck Godfrey!! Many congrats to you and your team for the show on Wednesday! Welcome on board the Tanzanian world of fashion :)))

Missie Popular


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