One on One with Jacqueline Kibacha of Heart 365 Emporium

She is a Tanzanian designer based in London.Been studied fashion her whole life, Jacque is one of the most promising designers to blow your mind! THIS is Jacqueline Kibacha;
Heart 356: "My background is actually in textiles and Fine Art, that's what I studied in school and also degree. I then went to London College of Fashion to do a course in fashion jewelery."

M.P: So, why did you decide to specialize in jewelery only? Does that mean you do not do any clothes designs?

Heart 365: I've been designing clothes for many years and making just for myself and it's not to say I won't include some clothing at some stage, as the company is called Heart 365 Emporium... emporium being like a market place where all sorts of lovely things are sold.Why jewelry first? Because I love how it can transform a whole outfit! 

M.P: Your passion for jewelry is profound!!

Heart 365: hahahhaa...I love how jewelry tells a story or holds memory. I think for me that is key. That's why I incorporate culture, vintage and of course bling, but always a story so the wearer can be adorned in something special.

M.P: That is very true! I love the combination in your jewels! So, when did Heart 365 Emporium start?
 Heart 365: We launched in November and it was amazing! Please do make to order through our website.

M.P: mmmmh..let me select my favorite pieces and will let you know my order..:)) Well,what is it that your customers should expect next?

Heart 365: Weelll, its official now! We'll officially show our first collection at London Fashion Week in February 2012!

M.P: Woow! Congrats to you and your team. Hopefully Missie Popular will receive the pictures of the collection,yeah?

Heart 365: Of cause! Thank you for the interview,M.P. I hope i didn't bore you, as you can see I can talk for days about jewelry :))

M.P: You are welcome dearest, anytime. all the best in everything

Missie Popular


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