What to wear during Winter in Dar es Salaam

Am sure that title must have caused a lot of raised eyebrows!..Winter in Dar es Salaam??..really!!
Well,yes...Dar es Salaam has the most confusing weather i have ever seen!! It might be raining cats n dogs but leaving you sweating like a pig! However,there are times when the city gets heavy rains and hence it cools rather well. This season is one of them, when we see floods and all...
 This season brings in some wind and since it rains throughout the day, some of us get really chilled. When i say some of us, i mean it! well...you still need to look fabulous at work,right? These are just some of the ideas for you;
 If you take a closer look, you will see that stockings appear in all three images.THAT is your true friend..never disappoints!
So, you can have the same type of clothes you were during the normal hot Dar es Salaam..but add that magical stocking....

Well,at least thats what am wearing today :-)))

Missie Popular


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