The Best AllStar Karaoke Night Ever!

This week's karaoke has been the best i have been to,so far! With the amazing crowd taking on different genres and having fun while on was EPIC!! Take a look at some of the images..
 Our host Tandi from THE FIX at Choice FM...making sure everything flows as planned
 And then..the singing rocked the night! ..I have seen talents, i tell'ya!
 Like....REAL talents!! damn!
 And then..Latif and his friend took the stage with "Hotel" by Cassidy ft R. Kelly :)))
 Oooooh! this guy can sing!! 
 Destiny's Child in da house!!
 Sing baby..sing!! Hallelujah!
 And then the PARTY kicked off! Runway Lounge was paaaacked!
When i say Party!! i mean..a REAL party!! professional dancers and whats-not! :)))

If you missed this one...well, POLE SANA!! I have gotta say, Its your BIG LOSS!

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Missie Popular

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  1. Hi Missie! I'm gonna miz yah! Rock on!
    Xander Roxx