Designer Farha Sultan showcases at Barazani!

She is among those designers to grace the Lady in Red Fashion event,next month!Showcasing her former "Sunflower" and latest "Mabinti" collections...Here is Farha Sultan designs at Barazani,Allience Franzaise
 This is the previous collection.. "Sunflower"
 The pieces are up for case you like any of them..
 "Sunflower" Collection ends here...And now we say Hello! to "Mabinti" Collection
 "Mabinti" means Ladies..a Swahili word
 Its pieces are a blend of African "Kitenge" material, mixed with this leather-like material
 Next time i will remember to ask Farha,what this other material is :))
 The best part of it...the matching clutches!!
 You can wear this as casual or for that house party at your friends'
 Which one defines you best..! is Farha (in Pink) posing with her girls!
To contact Farha in case of purchasing and the likes..drop her an e-mail here

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