Events this week

This week is blessed to have THREE big fashion events! Take a look..
 So,while in Dar es Salaam we will have a Mustafa Hassanali Fashion show in AID of the Dar floods victims, at Serena Hotel 12/01/2012....On the other hand, Zanzibar will be on fire!!
Vida Mahimbo brings you another swimwear fashion show on 14-01-2012 at Gabi Beach, Zanzibar!!

Then..we will come back to Dar es Salaam for the launch of the FIRST EVER Fashion School, NALEDI! as created by Tanzanian designer, Kemi kalikawe.

Have a fabulous week ya'll...Dont forget to get your ticket for the AID Fashion Mustafa Hassanali and Jerry Silla, Mayor of they help the Floods Victims.Thereafter..Zanzibar on Saturday, and NALEDI on Sunday! am excited!!!

See you there

Missie Popular


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