FAME puts Diamond on a Test!

Fame is such an a$$! i tell'ya! The Tanzanian artist Naseeb Abdul a.k.a Diamond had a little test of FAME since New Year's Eve, escaping going to jail by paying 600,000 Tsh (400 USD) penalty fee.
This handsome dude started his new year in such a style...first was the rumors of cheating on his fiancé with Tanzanian beauty, Jokate...then he went on a show in Iringa region, and was accused of offending a journalist!! Now..pardon me plz..BUT, seriously! He looks so tiny!
 Well, ..he and his two stage dancers were taken to court yesterday,Jan 09th..and were sentenced to six months (6!) in jail..or pay a fee of 600,000 Tshs...am sure you can guess what they did...
So..the boy is back in town! Let's just hope he will play it safe on them streets,....after this!
Those are some of the outcomes of being POPULAR!...

Missie Popular


  1. Dnt refuse his kind of luki guuwd but dem man you shuld see his cousin HIS WRTH DYING 4 n plz nxt tym dontnt go getin ur self n sme kiddish mess u kan do btr atleast KILL n dah break a record i mean rules r there 2 b broken

  2. Ooooh Nadia..you are something!! so,u thnk he culd hv been better off KILLING someone!!..LOL/ abt his cousin,why dont you send me his picture and we see which one is HOTTER than the other ,,;-)...missiepopular@gmail.com legoo