Model Mosses Rnaze cuts his beautiful long hair!!

Gosh! am heartbroken for real!!...He is among the best male models that i shot during Swahili Fashion Week 2011..and i have got to admit,his long hair was one of the best things that pulled my camera to him..Am talking about this guy...

Ahem!!...yes,this is the model am talking about...from Uganda
 So,he decided to go to Dubai..with his girlfriend...and cut his hair during New Year!!
And..this is how he looks like now...THE BEAUTIFUL LONG HAIR..GONE!!

I gotta give it to you takes guts to do such...kudos

Missie Popular


  1. LOVE IT.

    Makes me miss my hair. But times change, and so does style.

    2013 will be a whole new look!


  2. Looking forward to the new you...happy 2012, Rnaze!