Thank God for 2011 - Mwamvita Makamba

Dear God,

We talk everyday, I tell you what is up constantly and you advice and show me the way. Today, I wanted to write a special letter. Forgive me if it composes the things you already know. I want to say them again more deeply than I have through out. 2011 was an incredible year for me in all folds of my life. I thank you most sincerely for 2011. I grew up as a person. I learned to be independent. I did me. You were there to support me I know. I found the courage I needed to have a point of view that was mine and that was original. I stood by it and it worked for me. So, I thus found my voice. A powerful voice that I had, but never used. A voice that I had, but never really believed in, until 2011. Thank you for 2011.I have dreamed and dreamed Big through out the years because you helped me know that only through dreams can one actually "want" to do something or be somebody. In 2011, I learned the power of not only dreaming but also "believing" in your dreams. Through dreaming and believing, I went for my dreams and achieved them one by one. I am certain that if it pleases you, 2012 will be a year of solidifying my dreams and ambitions and stepping into bolder challenges and a more satisfying existence that first and foremost glorifies your name.

I also learned in 2011 that without a doubt, success only comes through hard work and honesty. Before this, yes, I knew these helped, but like many, I believed that success could come easily if 'in born', or gained through social associations; the politics of 'who knows who' etc. But thank you God for 2011 as now I know, there is no middle way! You work hard, and I mean really hard for what you want/ do and you will surely achieve it. I worked my ass off in 2011; gosh, I really worked hard and I achieved my goals. One by one. I can sit back and say that I have a very rewarding job which I love and can give my all to and ofcourse the rewards from which are amazing. But all this is through hard work and your graces. So thank you again for 2011. Genuine truth. Lastly, I learned, without a doubt, that genuine and truthful persons can make it and make it big. I learned in 2011 that it is actually easier to be honest, open and genuine in all that you do and in all your encounters and that its pretty hard work to be otherwise in as much as most people prefer to be otherwise. Success in my encounters and work came pouring out once I discovered that honesty and genuineness pay. Now, I strive to be this in all I do. And if it pleases you 2012 will be a year that genuine truth will rule my being. So dear God, in 2011 I found my gut feel, my voice; I learned not only to dream but to "believe" in my dreams. I learned that hard work is the only secret to success and ofcourse with all that, being genuine and truthful in all my encounters made me. I am happy to sit back as we close this year and embark on 2012 to say that I made it in 2011. I made it big. With this foundation of learnings, I have bigger dreams now for 2012. I know, I will learn bigger lessons and achieve bigger things and I know for sure, you will be with me throughout like you have always.

Thank you dear God for 2011.

Mwamvita Makamba

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