Worst Dressed at SAG Awards 2012

 Yes...am sure many of you will be wondering how come i name this as the worst dress/jumpsuit or whatever you call it!!..well,because it looks like a rug!!
This is a very nice dress..yes it is! BUT, it just looks wrong in this context!! I cant fiure out if its the collar or the color mix...(with her hair)..its just wrong for Red Carpet!
 It might be spring or approaching summer,BUT heeeey!! What were you thinking,woman!
Pardon my French but WTH! striper/black-widow/please Go Home and Change!!
 Now,what do we have here...from the Adam Lamber wrist-band,to the belt...C'mon!
He is the only man that captured my eyes on the red carpet....actually NOT HIM...but rather his SHOES!!...gosh!!!

Well,those are my worst dressed....what were yours?

Missie Popular


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