Beyonce's First Appearance after Birth of Blue Ivy Carter

That moment that was awaited by many...seeing Beyonce for the first time after the birth of her first born,Blue Ivy...well,its HERE!!
 During Jay-Z first performance after baby Blue Ivy..Beyonce made an appearance!!
 Wearing a beautiful red dress that hugs her rather curvy body..This is the new mom!
With her nails painted Blue...a gold clutch and such amazing high heels..she just looked like a goddess!!

Whats next...we are waiting for the first glimpse of the baby herself! Princess, Blue Ivy Carter...daughter of King Carter and Queen B....LOL

Missie Popular


  1. am still thinking if this woman was really pregnant...some info is missing somewhere

  2. Love it. love her.
    woow that body!She gain abit, though. understandable..pretty pretty!!

  3. hahhha LOl..what do you mean if she really was pregnant..beyonce was pregnant and yes she did give birth to a baby girl..people should stop rumoring on what they dnt know about..

  4. Its really amazing how anything about Bey,starts a rather stiff conversation!!i cant wait for the first glimpse of the baby...the rumors will be CRAZY!!

  5. hehee,,in this world you can do anything ,bela watu kuweka midomo yao kwa mabaya ..
    kweli kapendeza mno..