Fashion Police at Lady in Red Fashion Show 2012

There are certain moments when you come across people that makes you wince!! They give you such a when you THINK you have seen a GHOST or something...well,that feeling!
Before i go farther,let me say this....Ladies and Gentlemen..when your invitation card/poster says the party you are going to requires A CERTAIN COLOR costumes,plzzzzz adhere to those!
It is a Lady in Red fashion show...WEAR SOMETHING RED!!..... Now..let me show you some of those people who knew BEST ...
Take these girls as an they really know the meaning of a red carpet event!!
No matter how great you look in what you are wearing,if its off the theme of the event,you are doomed!
Ahem!! Maybe i misread the event poster..was this a strippers club?!
Pardon me really look nice on your jeans (*side eye)..BUT this was not its place!! Deo,the man behind Nirvana TV Show,really!!? Hata wewe!
This part,am leaving it to you all...let me hear you Fashion Police Officers!!..

Just a free advice,...
1. Make sure you understand the type of the event/party you are going to..
2. KNOW YOUR BODY...plzz! Am tired of seeing people looking like trash just because they are size 12 and put on a size 6 attire!!
3. Talk to someone before you leave your house for the party/event! If your friends are TRUE FRIENDS, they will tell you if you look crappy BEFORE you meet the Joan Rivers of Bongo...

And if that doesn't work, contact me and we will solve it! Stay Fashionable

Missie Popular


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